• Javelin – Another Kyosho Legend Returns!
    Kyosho has finally released what I thought would be the second most iconic kit in the Optima series… the Javelin. For those who missed out the first time, grab one while you can! Available by late October 2017. Check it out here.
  • Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Re-Release!
    Read about it back in the 80’s but never seen it in person. None of the hobby stores around me carried it nor did Tower Hobbies. Yes, you read it right. Schumacher is releasing THE CAT XLS 4wd buggy again. Masami Hirosaka won the world championship with it and it was considered the best 1/10… Read more: Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Re-Release!
  • Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Re-Release!
    So after the legendary Optima re-release, what could Kyosho think about bringing back? Wait no more, Kyosho is re-releasing the Turbo Scorpion! It will become the 5th model in the vintage series and tons of updates. Nice job Kyosho. Read about it here.
  • Kyosho Optima Re-Release!
    For all you die hard Kyosho fans who’s been dreaming about the re-release of the Kyosho Optima 4wd buggy, well the wait is over and the legend has returned! Kyosho will be re-releasing the Optima and has made dramatic improvements along the way. Now included in the kit are both chain and belt drive systems,… Read more: Kyosho Optima Re-Release!
  • Kyosho Scorpion Re-Release!
    Kyosho has made a re-release of its legendary off-road buggy, Scorpion! It’s got many alloy part upgrade while maintaining the much of the original design and functions. Check out the details here!
  • Associated RC10 World Car Re-Release!
    Team associated also re-released its RC10 World Car  that had won many titles. Some of the updates included for this version are: V2 threaded shocks, V2 slipper clutch, Steal tranny, and CVA axles. Hurry and get your hands on one before it’s sold out! Check out the details here.
  • Associated RC10 Classic Re-Release!
    Team Associated had a re-release of its original classic RC10. Many bugs had been worked out from the original design and updated to fit a 2S Lipo battery pack. Check out the details here! Too bad it was a limited production and all sold out!
  • Welcome to RayTEIN!
    My first r/c car was Kyosho Turbo Optima that I bought in 1989 with the money saved from a three-months summer job. I have acquired many other r/c vehicles over the years. Even though all of them are more advanced than Optima by today’s standards but nothing can alter the influence that Kyosho Optima series had rooted in me and up till this day, it still stirs… Read more: Welcome to RayTEIN!