Trinity TRI10072 Cobalt Modified Flatwire 12 x 2 Motor


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Designed for short and tight tracks where hi-torque and fast spool up are a must. This motor would be a good choice for 12 scale pan cars and 1/10 scale touring cars.


  • 12 turns by 2 winds flat wire design saturates the armature quicker. As a result they spool up faster
  • Tourbillion endbell design features pure copper hoods that quickly transfer heat away from the brushes and commutator into the vented heatsinks for quicker heat dissipation
  • New copper hoods and heatsink plates provide a tighter brush fit for less brush chatter.
  • These parts are now closer to the commutator for better brush support and less brush wobble as the brush wears down
  • New XXX Cobalt Lemans
  • Stand Up Brush will last between 20 to 40 runs
  • Three surface mount capacitors with circuit confirmation
  • LED which shows that the capacitors are working correctly
  • Motor can has been retooled for a more precision motor bearing fit
  • New high temperature epoxy holds the wires more secure which prevents the wires from shifting and throwing the armature out of balance
  • Computerized digital balanced results in higher RPM and longer brush and bearing life RPM, power, efficency, and torque readings printed on side of can


  1. One motor with brushes and purple springs installed
  2. One spare set of brushes
  3. One set of red brush springs
  4. Ships in a foam-lined wood box with gold colored latch


  • Length: 2.22 (56mm) (not including the motor shaft)
  • Can diameter: 1.42 (36.10mm)
  • Shaft diameter: 1/8


Under 10 turn for touring=round wire for efficiency
Over 10 turn for touring=flat wire
Off-Road is best with round wire


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